Our Transportation $’s, Gas Tax v Transit Taxes

Our Transportation $’s

One of the reasons I am running for the legislature this year in the 48th District, (portions of Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond), is the gross miss-application of our transportation tax dollars to Sound Transit and Metro. Roads carry about 84% of our daily trips in the region and receives about 30 % of our transportation tax revenues. Transit (pre-pandemic) carries about 5% of the daily trips in the region (about 9% in the afternoon peak period) and receive about 70% of the revenue collected from the taxpayers.

Taxes for roads predominately come from the gas tax and weight fees at the state level and a little from property taxes at the city and county level. Taxes for transit predominately come from sales taxes, car tabs and property taxes with some Real Estate Excise tax thrown in.

Gas taxes do not automatically go up over time; sales taxes, car tabs and property taxes do with inflation. Transit taxes increase over time while the gas tax stagnates. Congestion increases with growth, pavements wear out, bridges crack, break, and sink. Transit ridership stagnates or shrinks over time. In 1970 transit carried 8% of our trips, down to 5% in 2020. Driver delay increases over time. Yours and my Quality of Life is diminished.

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