I believe that traffic congestion is the top quality of life issue for the voters in the 48th District. Congestion is the transportation issue at hand; we can do something about it. I am a roads guy; it is nonsense that we can’t fix the traffic nightmare. Yes, we can.



I am a fiscally responsible small businessman who supports economic recovery for Washington. We enjoy an amazing quality of life in the 48th and our state; I see room for improvement. I will advocate to finish the Approved I-405 Master Plan, dramatically reduce eastside traffic congestion, and save our neighborhoods.



Contact Information

(425) 518-3343; vic@bishopforhouse.com; www.bishopforhouse.com




King County Republican Party

48th District


I have been in endorsed by the King County Republican Party for election as the Representative to the State Legislature in the 48th District, Position 1.


Why Vic is running for State Representative



Traffic congestion in the Bellevue Kirkland Redmond Area is the number one issue for my campaign. We have a plan to solve the traffic congestion on Interstate I-405 and our current political system has decided not to fund it.

I expect to change that and get us out of congestion.

Downtown Bellevue is growing at an incredible rate. Bellevue will likely reach this growth in trips (see pie chart) well in advance of the 2030 time frame we expected in 2014, when this chart was developed from city data by the Transportation Commission.

The red (light rail), orange (Bus Rapid Transit on 405), and blue (buses) represent about 17% of the trips. The black portion (12%) are the pedestrians from our exploding downtown residential development. The vast majority of all trip growth (70%) is in the green segment. We cannot ignore that astounding growth in car trips in downtown.

As a member of the State House of Representatives from the 48th District, if elected, I will not ignore the pain and agony of daily traffic congestion experienced by drivers in the 48th. Bellevue’s 2018 Budget Survey says that by a 5:1 ratio, traffic congestion is the # 1 issue in Bellevue (affordable housing is # 2). Traffic Congestion diminishes access to jobs. Job creation is critical to getting our economy going again.

Check out my paper called “What you need to know about traffic” at www.eastsidetransportation.org. 

I am focusing my campaign on issues including:

  • Carefully reopening and reigniting our economy with fiscal responsibility,
  • Improve mobility and create a transportation system for everybody, and
  • Improve our quality of life by reducing your daily traffic delay.

We can no longer sit back and hope that someone else will do the jobIt is time to change direction and elect individuals who better understand what is happening in the heart of the eastside.





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Campaigns are expensive. Vic needs all our help to pay for signs, flyers, and all the things that cost money.