Downtown Bellevue Mode Split

Downtown Bellevue is growing at an incredible rate. Bellevue will likely reach this growth in trips (see pie chart) well in advance of the 2030 time frame we expected in 2014, when this chart was developed from city data by the Transportation Commission.

The importance here is not the date but the proportionality. Note the green part, the portion of new trips the city expects to be people in cars (the Bellevue Transportation Commission assumed aggressive growth in bus transit ridership and EastLink would be complete).

The red (light rail), orange (BRT on 405), and blue (buses) represent about 17% of the trips. The black portion (12%) are the pedestrians from our exploding downtown residential development.


The vast majority of all trip growth (70%) is in the green segment. We cannot ignore that astounding growth in car trips in downtown.

As a member of the State House of Representatives from the 48th District, if elected, I will not ignore the pain and agony of daily traffic congestion experienced by drivers in the 48th. 

Bellevue’s 2018 Budget Survey says that by a 4:1 ratio, traffic congestion is the # 1 issue in Bellevue (affordable housing is # 2). Traffic Congestion diminishes access to jobs. Job creation is critical to getting our economy going again.

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