The Environment

Regulatory compliance is one of the highest costs of doing business in Washington State. 

I was asked: What do you think about the trade-offs involved with stricter environmental regulations and compliance costs for businesses? Is there a point where the trade-offs involved become too much for the benefits gained? Where does that line lie?

My Response

We are currently over-regulated in many areas. We enjoy a very solid and robust environment that has been improved by society. The sanitary sewer restoration of Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish in the Forward Thrust program of the 1960’s and ‘70s is a good example of infrastructure that works to fix an identified problem without being a burden to property owners.

Traffic congestion is the number one quality of life issue identified by residents in Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond. We have an identified fix for that. It is the I-405 Master Plan, which was approved by 30 plus agencies in 2002. It will reduce congestion, improve traffic safety, clean the air, reduce the noise, fix the culverts, clean the storm water and provide access to affordable homes and jobs in the corridor.

I will work to reduce unnecessary legacy regulations and enhance regulations on things that are current problems that need additional rational regulation based on science.wa

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