The Covid-19 crises has put a strain on business in the state of Washington. One area that continues to raise issues is Agency rulemaking. One way of limiting that strain is to limit rulemaking to only critical/necessary rulemaking. 

I was asked: Do you support a moratorium on non-critical agency rulemaking during the Covid-19 crises?

My Response



I was asked: Given the COVID-19 crisis, please provides your thoughts on how best to retrain, or place, workers who have lost their jobs due to their company going out of business or slimming down its workforce? How much of a partnership role should the federal government play in supporting worker retraining efforts in Washington State?

My Response

The retraining of workers is an on-going challenge at all levels. A collaborative program with business, the trade unions, and the education system supported by government incentives will be necessary. I think this is a good area for the federal government to invest significant funding.


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