Victor H Bishop

Why I am running for State Representative

Vic grew up on an award-winning dairy farm in Vermont.  His parents were excellent role models who taught him the value of hard work, financial responsibility and cooperation.  Managing cows, employees, storage, distribution, and budgets required the ability to see things from all angles and make pragmatic decisions.  

At eighteen, Vic left Vermont to attend college.  He got married and moved to California where he worked for California Department of Public Works, Division of Highways (the precursor to CALTRANS).  This experience left a lasting impression on him of the value of dependable roadway systems.  It became a lifelong passion of his to seek the best transportation systems available using most advanced technology available.

In 1964, Vic headed to the northwest to attend the University of Washington for his master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Vic started his own transportation consulting business in 1969 and has worked with state, city, and regional agencies as well as local businesses on their transportation needs.

Vic has two grown children and seven grandchildren.  When he thinks about transportation, he thinks of them and how good systems enhance their lives.

He became a transportation engineer to make a difference to those around him.  For families, transportation is getting the kids to school and sporting events.  For working people, transportation is getting to work, meeting with clients, volunteering and more.  On a larger scale, transportation is the life blood that gets goods and services to our doors and stores.  Imagine the nightmare, if during COVID-19, there was no way to get PPE to you, your doctor, or your hospital.  What if, during lockdown, the store shelves were empty with no distribution system to restock the shelves.  These are things we all depend on and until recently took for granted. 

Vic knows the issues that face Washington and has worked with state officials and businesses.  He believes in a government that provides for the services and infrastructure individuals cannot provide for themselves.  For example, schools, public safety, law and order, roads, transit, and forest management.  Vic believes in public-private partnerships to collaborate on systems that serve the neediest individuals.

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