Vic Bishop for State Representative

You deserve someone in Olympia that hears you and will represent your interests. As a voter in the 48th Legislative District, you want safe communities, reasonable tax levels and a solid quality of life. The current legislature is creating policies that will take the state even farther left and spend too many of your hard-earned tax dollars on special interests rather than enhance your safety and quality of life.

We are currently experiencing civil unrest in our cities and neighborhoods and the response of our state leaders is nonexistent. The City of Seattle is burning and there is pressure to defund the police. The state legislators, whose purpose is to represent you, are noticeably absent. They have allowed the Governor to exclude them from the decision-making process at a time when they are needed most. This is a serious unintended consequence of a one-political party dominance in Washington State.

The financial uncertainty facing Washington State is concerning. Due not only to COVID-19, but the overzealous spending of the current legislature, we have a growing problem. Per the Seattle Times Editorial Board September 4th, 2020 – “Democrats controlling the Legislature are preparing to push for substantial tax increases when they reconvene”. You ought to have a legislature who sees raising your taxes as a last resort after all other options have been exhausted. Vic has the budget balancing experience that will put your priorities first!

Prior to COVID-19, your number one quality of life issue was traffic congestion. Unfortunately, once COVID is resolved, congestion will return. As a successful former small business owner and transportation engineer, Vic knows how to provide traffic solutions. His life’s work has been in developing comprehensive transportation plans that are data driven and fact based. His philosophy is a good transportation system should move the most people and goods possible for the smallest investment. You have a busy life that takes you all around the area and traffic congestion impacts your quality of life. Vic’s goal is to ease congestion and get you moving!

The best outcomes are the result of a balanced and robust discussion between voices of differing perspectives. If you seek to bring balance back to our state government, Vote for Vic Bishop – a life-long moderate Republican who will listen and represent you!

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